The Logo

We recently came out with this fancy shmancy new logo and, well, I'm here to tell you about what the heck it all means - in case it's maybe not quite as apparent as we think it is. So, here we go...

We did gobs and gobs of research into our fellow cold beer lovin' consumers (aka we sent a survey and a bunch of customers filled it out) and found that many are using our products both around some sort of water activity (think pool, beach, boat, bathtub, etc) as well as alongside family and friends (think parents, kids, uncles, siblings, neighbors, etc). It's the person that works hard through the week and is ready to max and relax on the weekend, making the most of their time off with family and friends -- the true weekend warrior.Â

With all that uber sophisticated data analysis complete, we hired a super expensive high-end branding organization (not true, just one guy with a killer British accent) to help us come up with the perfect logo and, well, this is where we arrived.Â

The blues represent the reality that many of our products are used around water and the fading into white represents the setting sun over the ocean, indicating the end of a great day and beginning of a great night. I mean, let's face it, sunsets over the ocean are basically the most calming things ever. In fact, my blood pressure just dropped 20 points from typing that sentence.