The 2.0 Has Arrived.


Hey there fellow cold beer enthusiasts!

Upon announcing the launch of the new highly anticipated BottleKeeper in Purple, I made some comments about new BottleKeeper products that we've had in the works. Well, today's the day when the first major alterations to our cold beer lovin' BottleKeeper product line comes to fruition -- and let's just say that I'm giddy like a school girl on movie day.Â

We can't thank you enough, our amazing warm beer hatin' BottleKeeper family, for providing us with tremendous amounts of feedback over the last few years -- which we've actively collected and built into this new development.

That said, there are three main points that we've heard over and over again:

  1. Incorporate a bottle opener into the cap
  2. Attach the cap to the BottleKeeper
  3. Make the paint more durable

And, like I said, we listened -- the result is BottleKeeper 2.0, which includes an easy-to-use bottle opener built directly into the cap, a tether to keep the cap attached to the BottleKeeper so you don't lose it, and an ESB powder coated finish that creates an amazing look and feel, as well as a tremendous enhancement to the BottleKeeper's durability.

I'm not gonna lie, it's sexy as hell.

The BottleKeeper 2.0 currently comes in the 12oz Standard size and in Blue, Red, Pink and Green -- which you'll find here.

In addition to this newest advance in colder beer innovations, we are also offering the new and improved cap -- with built-in opener and tether -- for sale as an accessory. So you can upgrade the caps on your current BottleKeepers or add them to a new order of the BottleKeeper 1.0 products, which will have the original non-opener/non-tethered cap included.

Again, we can't thank you, our BottleKeeper family, enough for the tremendous support and feedback that have directed the creation of this upgraded BottleKeeper -- as well as the additional innovations that we've got comin' down the pipe.Â

So stay tuned and remember, life's just too darn short to drink warm beer!

Chief Beer Digester