Just because.

Hey there cold beer lovers!

It's me again, Adam, and I'm here typing away on my fancy shmancy computer -- and by "fancy shmancy" I mean 5 year old MacBook Pro that's hangin' on for dear life -- because I've got something to say...

We've been pouring our lives into BottleKeeper for almost 3 years now and it's hard to express the appreciation and feedback that we receive from you each and every day. Sometimes it comes in the form of a comment or photo in social media, sometimes it comes in response to the note that is sent from my personal email address after each order -- which, yes, comes right back to me if you hit reply.

Regardless of where it comes from, Matt and I are consistently in awe of the overwhelming response. Seriously, the fact that you're willing to tell us what you think or share an action shot with you and your BottleKeeper is truly unbelievable! It really is what we live for and motivates us to keep improving and innovating...

So, from the bottom of our beers (and hearts), just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

Chief Beer Digester