It's Gonna Be A Very Black Friday

So there's this thing that happens around Thanksgiving, apparently it's a real occasion, and has been gaining some serious steam over the years. You guessed it: I'm talkin' about Black Friday and it's headed our way, fast.

Some folks in the eCommerce and retail worlds feel like they gotta put their entire store on a 67% off discount or the "Black Friday" will pass them by like a runaway train, leaving overstocked, broke and homeless. Well, maybe just overstocked. But we're fortunate. Our reality is a bit different here at BottleKeeper HQ, which is largely based on the fact that our fellow cold beer enthusiasts have pretty continuously drawn down our inventories to the point that doing a bunch of super aggressive sales just doesn't make sense. Did I mention that we're fortunate?

But...we can't have the Black Friday train go passin' us by! So instead we're gonna give you what you want and launch one of the most highly requested BottleKeepers, like, ever. Sure, you can go guessin' all you want but the reality is we're not tellin' until that magical day is upon us. So when that day arrives and this fancy shmancy new BottleKeeper goes live, you'll find it here.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We'll see you bright and early Friday AM!

Chief Beer Digester