I'm a finger painter.

So, I picked up finger painting. Seriously. You see, my wife’s 6 months pregnant with our first and I feel like I really want our impending new family member to utterly dominate the pre-school finger painting world and, in order to properly train a finger painting prodigy, I feel like you gotta be a pro yourself!

So then I was like, “wait, wouldn’t it be cool to have a custom finger painted BottleKeeper, like an artist series or something?” I mean, I think that’d be pretty cool – limited edition BottleKeepers that have been covered in the completely random onslaught of colors that often accompany a solid amateur finger painting session. You know, purple and orange stick figure horses, a blue sun shining rays of red and green, the works.

Well, we never make such big decisions here at BottleKeeper without the input and support of our trusty team, so I proposed this epic idea to the gang at the water cooler one day, with some renderings from a recent finger painting jam session, and Julia -- our Director of Operations and Top Secret Projects and Beer -- was like, “Oh. My. No.”

So, yeah, that was pretty short lived but it did start a convo about doing a series super schweet, art inspired, custom BottleKeepers from, like, a real artist with real talent. So we did that instead.

That said, I’m super duper pumped to announce that we just launched a limited-edition Artist Series line of BottleKeepers with the uber fancy New York artist, Baron Von Fancy. Did I mention that he’s pretty fancy? I mean, c’mon, it’s in his name.

Wanna learn more about Baron Von Fancy? You’re in luck! We did a fancy interview, including some fancy questions.

And don't forget, life's too darn short to drink warm beer!

Adam Callinan
Chief Beer Digester