Baron Von Fancy: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.


So, last year we set out on a path to start a limited edition BottleKeeper Artist Series and were like, "so how do we do this?!" Then, thankfully, our trusty head of PR was like, "hey, we should work with this amazing artist in New York called Baron Von Fancy!" So we reached out to Baron, and magic happened.

Here are a few fancy tidbits about The Man, The Myth, The Legend:

"Baron Von Fancy was born and raised in New York City. He began his career creating pieces that encompass a variety of mediums and styles—from oil on canvas to electroluminescent wire sculptures. Known for his wit with words and phrases, he brings forth a message of youth, humor and provocation. Clever and enchanting at the same time, Baron Von Fancy's work spans the spectrum in some instances from light-hearted to profound, or in other instances, from playful to crude.

Baron Von Fancy has displayed his art on billboards in lower Manhattan and elsewhere in his nativeNew York City. Billboards featuring playful and charming expressions such as "On my way to steal your girl", "Don't call me baby" and "Never not working"; among others, have greeted New Yorkers in Manhattan and its environs as they look skyward since at least 2013."

And then, we got to practice our totally elementary interview skills -- and this is what happened...Â

Us: So, you make uber fancy art and we make uber fancy cold beer lovin’ contraptions -- aside from our both being uber fancy, what made you interested in this collaboration?

BVF: When we first started talking I didn’t totally understand how a BottleKeeper works to keep beers cold, but once I got my hands on one I was hooked. My studio can get hot, and I can’t stand warm beer. So once I began using my BottleKeeper, my beers stayed cold. I love it.

Us: Apparently you work, like, a lot. How do you detach and/or relax?

BVF: When I’m not at my studio, I’m at a baseball game. I am crazy about the Mets.

Us: When you get done with a long day and need a beer fast, where do you go

BVF: My studio or home fridge.

Us: Speaking of beer, what are some of your favorites?

BVF: You’ll always find Bud in my fridge ( … and don’t look down on me for that). When I’m out, I like to try the IPA with the craziest name, regardless of its reviews.

Us: A wise man once said that NYC can be a pretty intense city, where do you go when you wanna disappear for a long weekend?

BVF: I love the city and don’t get out of it much unless I’m traveling for work. Whenever I can get away, I love Miami.

Us: Have you travelled much outside the US? If so, what’s your favorite place in the world? If not, what are you dying to see?

BVF: I’ve been fairly far and wide, but never to Japan. I would love to go one day.

Us: You’re a rather inspiring kind of guy; how do you come up with your fancy slogans? Is there a process?

BVF: That is really nice of you to say. One thing that I do is listen to everything around me. When something catches my ear, I often write it down.

Us: It’s Saturday night and you’re lookin’ to kick it with your homies -- what does that look like and, more importantly, is there cold beer involved?

BVF: There is almost always cold beer and drinks when my buddies are around. We keep it easy. My favorite thing is to hang out at someone's house or, when it’s warm out, on a rooftop.

Us: What drew you towards collaborating with schweet brands to make seemingly everyday items ‘fancy’?

BVF: I always liked customizing my own things - from my clothing to belongings. When I had a chance to do this on a larger scale with brands I really loved, I became obsessed. This collaboration has been really fun - the process also gave me an excuse to drink cold beer which is great.

Us: How are you celebrating Father’s Day? Any fun plans?

BVF: As a native New Yorker, I'm a huge Met's fan, and I will be going to a ballgame with my Dad. Having a few beers with my Dad while watching the game should be a perfect day for both of us.

Are you a “stay up late and sleep in” or a “hit the sack early and start the day before sunrise” kind of guy? More specifically, what’s your bedtime?

BVF: I stay up late and wake up early. I’m always ready to go.

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