And We're Back!

I had an epiphany last week. It started with a quick Google search to figure out how to spell epiphany, which naturally led me down a rabbit hole to one of funniest clips on the web, “The Landlord”. You know what else I realized? Spelling is friggin' tough, especially when we all live off autocorrect -- or at least I do. Seriously though, I have no idea how those 8th graders can spell words I can barely pronounce. Rutabaga? C’mon! What is that?!

Anyways, about that epiphany. I realized it’s time to reconnect with you, fellow cold beer enthusiasts, by sharing the best goodies to be found around the interwebs. And frankly, I can’t even tell you what the heck that’s gonna look like. But we’re gonna do it and it’s gonna look good.

So this is how it’ll work; we’re going to write about whatever comes to mind and use spell check sparingly. It’ll be way better than ranking the best beers in your state or what your choice of beer says about you because, well, that stuff is B-O-R-I-N-G!

Instead, we’ll have guest contributors like Uncle Van. Plus, we’ll field articles from our fellow BottleKeeper faithful. Have a good story? Share with us or shoot a note to info@bottlekeeper, preferably with email subject, "Have I got a story to tell!".

In the meantime, we’re going to have a couple brewskis and start thinkin’ about our next blog post.


Adam Callinan
Chief Beer Digester