Beer Subscriptions For The Beer Lover (Last Minute Gift Ideas!)

Who says Christmas has to only come once a year?  Every month people are getting hand-delivered craft beers from around the country, all right to their doorstep.  If that’s not a cause to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

Whether you’re ready to show off some beer intelligence to your friends, or because you’re tired of the stuff your 711 carries, craft beer clubs and beer subscriptions are go-to for getting new delicious beer every month.  Here are a few beer subscriptions you should check out:

Craft Beer Club

Craft beer club brings you beer from everywhere, including Sand Creek Brewing Company and RJ Rockers Brewing Company.  What’s especially nice is that you can order more than just beer – get beer tasting glasses and bottle openers with your monthly package.

Beer of the Month Club

This club boasts beers spanning the globe. Â They offer a few different options, including twelve 12-ounce hand-crafted beers each month, or six 750ml bottles. Â With your beer, you can also get a monthly newsletter to keep you posted on tasting notes, beer profiles, and food pairings.

Beer Boxer

Beer boxer is a great club to join if you like consistency. Â Devian Dales and Expedition Stout were two of their recently popular ones. Â Prompt doorstep delivery is one of the best parts.