Our Top 4 Beer Fests Around The U.S.


‘Nuff said.

1. Great Alaska Beer & Barleywine Festival

Where: Anchorage, Alaska,

When: January

Who says Alaska isn’t fun? We certainly didn’t. So if you find yourself way up north this winter, or if you are looking for a reason to escape, join us up in Anchorage this January and enjoy more than 300 different beers.  Beer isn’t the only item on the list – barley wine is also available (with alcohol contents around 12%). So you can hang out with glaciers and drink until you’re warm!

2. American Craft Beer Fest

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

When: May

Come for the beer, stay for the people.  You’ll find, Sam Adams isn’t the only world-class lager made in Boston.  In late May, Boston hosts one of the largest beer festivals on the East coast.  With hundreds of beers and far more people, this event is a great way to celebrate Spring. And your love of a fine brew.

3. Southern Brewers Festival

Where: Chattanooga, Tennessee

When: August

If you are a true beer fan, then this event is for you. Â Â With hundreds of selections to choose from, Chattanooga brings together a wide variety of beer, people, and music for the event. Â The beer, as good as it is, is only part of the perk. Â Enjoy live music, dancing, and a beautiful summer day while you try out countless beers, all next to the river. Trust us, Tennessee is actually pretty epic.

4. Fresh Hop Ale Festival

Where: Yakima, Washington

When: September/October

Here is an event you cannot miss. For a brew to be considered a “fresh hop ale” for the festival competition is must be produced with hops that were picked no more than 24 hours prior to brewing. This festival draws in breweries competing for the “Most Pours Award” crown. Enjoy live music, food buffets, and even a cigar tent – only a couple of hours outside Portland Oregon.

If you end up making it to one or all of these, make sure you share your cold beer lovin’ BottleKeeper action shots with us! #ColderBEERisBetter