The Evolution of an Epic Hangover

A hangover usually starts out with the best of intentions, how it finishes is another story. We’re looking at the evolution of an epic hangover.

You have a long day, and think, ‘why not have a drink?‘

The first one goes down so well that a second, or third drink sounds like a great idea

Before you know it, you’re the life of the party

And elect yourself President of Alcohol

Somewhere around 2am, it gets ugly

Life gets real dark when you wake up the next morning

And you are suddenly very aware of your own mortality

When you sit up, things don’t go so well

Eventually, you have a one-track-mind for food … lots and lots of food

At some point, you start evaluating your life

So you decide to try and tackle the day … but turns out that’s really hard

And a nap seems like a much more reasonable option

And when you wake up, you do the only thing you know how … have some hair of the dog