A Pleasant Surprise...

Here at BottleKeeper we're just pumped about the response we've been fortunate to get from cold beer enthusiasts around the world. As the weather heats up, which seems to have already happened in most Northern hemisphere locales, more and more Brewtis the BottleKeepers are hitting the beach, boats, golf courses and pools which, in turn, means that more people are seeing Brewtis in action and following their heartfelt desires to have one (or twelve) of their very own.

As it stands right now, we're unfortunately backordered. I say unfortunately because if you're ordering a BottleKeeper or two, you're not going to receive it for a short period of time. But in actuality, we're unbelievably fortunate to be on backorder because it means that we dramatically outsold our initial expectations! If you don't already know, you'll get 10% off of your entire order if you do so while we're backordered...thanks for your patience!

Can't tell you how much I/we appreciate your sharing Brewtis the BottleKeeper with your friends. We couldn't do it without you!