The Time Has Come!

Today is a very exciting day for us at BottleKeeper; after quite the manufacturing, production, shipping and customs experiences, Brewtis has cleared the warehouse processing and is ready to begin shipping! Â We're so pumped we almost can't help ourselves. Brewtis is literally spinning in circles, dancing around like a little school girl (use your imagination, it's quite the site!).

If you've already ordered Brewtis the BottleKeeper, than you're in luck as he'll be headed your way today or tomorrow. If you haven't, what's the deal? You like warm beer? Â Ew.

Once you've got Brewtis in your grubby little hands, use #BottleKeeper on Instagram and your expertly filtered glamour shots will automatically appear on our site to be shared with other broken bottle haters.

Yet again, life's too short to drink warm beer!

- Adam