The Special Edition

We've been working on Brewtis the BottleKeeper for what feels like an eternity yet in reality, it's only been a handful of months. The good news is that we're now to the point that the first large order is well underway, which includes both regular and Special Edition Brewtis the BottleKeepers. If you weren't around during the Fundable Pre-Order campaign, then you probably don't know what about the Special Editions...

So here's the story; in order to reward those cold beer loving enthusiasts that took an early chance on Brewtis and were willing to shell out some cash in order to pre-order one (or 13) of their very own, we offered them the opportunity to get their hands on 1 of the 500 Special Edition Brewtis the BottleKeeper units we had made. As illustrated, these BottleKeepers are laser engraved on the bottom section with the words "SPECIAL EDITION" with the unique number just below (i.e. 2/500), and no, we're not going to make more than 500.

The good news is that we just so happen to have some Special Edition Brewtis the BottleKeepers left over and will occasionally offer them for a flash sale. Ă‚ If you like feeling special, sign up for our overly sarcastic email list and we'll let you know when they are going to hit the site.

In case you forgot... life is too short to drink warm beer!