Richard Coffman

5 days ago

Great Customer Service-Great Product

Received my Bomber 2.0 and it had a dent at the base. Contacted customer service and Rafael responded the same day. He stated that he was very sorry and had a replacement shipped out the next day and told me to keep the dented one, no need to send it back. The Bomber 2.0 keeps my beverage cold. Great product and customer service!!


Andrew Szymel

5 days ago

The are the best

Great size easy to carry and great by the pool.


Sharon Drake

5 days ago

I've been looking for something like this for a long time

I live in Utah where liquor laws aren't particularly alcohol friendly. When I go to outdoor concerts in our beautiful mountains, I like to have a cold beer in the hot weather. Not all venues allow alcohol, so we have to come up with creative ways to smuggle in Vodka to mix with some lemonade. Even though this is a refreshing drink and easier to get by with than an exposed beer bottle, I prefer beer for this activity. Voila!!!! There was the bottle keeper giving me a way to walk right in the gate with a hidden beer attached to my waist. And ice cold at that. Friends are so jealous, I decided to get myself another one and stretch my budget to also get one for a gift to a couple of friends. I may even go for the bomber for myself this time.


Sean Thomas DeOliveira

5 days ago

Great id3a

Love this thing and everyone I know wants one now


Joseph D Re

5 days ago

The Bomber 2.0, best thing since sliced bread!!

Quality made, reasonable price! Still need to make one for squat "keg-like" bottles and 16 oz. cans!


Lesia C Bergman

5 days ago


This is amazing works great.



5 days ago

The Bomber is the Bomb

Bottle Keeper is the only company I know of that makes a bottle koozie big enough for 22oz bottles. Tried already on a few bottles and it’s amazing! The powder coating is definitely a great upgrade!


john gilfilian

5 days ago


The bottle keeper works perfectly! Keeps my drinks cold and safe. The lid really keeps the drink from spilling. Awesome product!!!!!


M Van

5 days ago

Great customer service

I had never experienced the custom service that you offered. I cannot share the details here but trust me if you are possible buyers. This guys are awesome.