Robert Allen

5 days ago

Nice to have a holder to keep my beer cold

I liked the choice of colors and the feel of the holder


Lisa Howard Zaremba Pellock

5 days ago


Keeps beer so cold. My husband loves it.


Ray Bruton

5 days ago

Love my BottleKeeper

BottleKeeper is the best thing for bottle beer or canned drinks of most kinds with beer at the front of the list. The biggest problem with BottleKeeper is when you sit down with beer in it you find it completely empty very fast. IT keeps my beer cold even the last drop and that is very nice.


Cheryl Murdoch

5 days ago

Love My Bottle and Can Keepers!

I love both my bottle and can keepers. No more warm drinks! I love how the can keeper adjusts to my can size.


Frank P Dragisic

5 days ago




Joy Stockton Shronce

5 days ago


These are great...I bought three in different colors, a stainless steel, maple, and mossy oak, the quality is great, I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the maple, looks much better in person...We decided to put it to the test, put in a bottle of beer, screwed the cap/lid down, turned it upside down and no leaks...Nice snug fit, tried it with Budweiser and Corona Premier bottles, and there is enough neck exposed to still be able to “dress” your beer if you want...Woohoo


Beth Daly

5 days ago

Love my COLD IPA .... Thanks to my awesome BottleKeeper~

What a genius product. So far it's the best thing since sliced cheese!


Tammy Pepper

5 days ago

Bottle X Keeper

We love to be outdoors, can't wait to try while boating and camping.


Mariela Midleton

5 days ago

Bottle Keeper X

Absolutely amazing.. Will buy again to gift to family and friends


Katie Martin

5 days ago

Amazing customer service

I haven’t had the chance to actually try out my new bottle keeper, but I will say that the customer service was phenomenal! When my first order arrived there was something broken inside the bottle wall. I notified them right away and my email was responded to within an hour and a new bottle was shipped the next day. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can really test it out. Thank you bottle keeper!!!


James Irwin

5 days ago

Great gifts

I've given the BottleKeeperX to my kids, as gifts, and they love them. Mine is awesome.


scott Bandy

5 days ago

Can’t get enough bottle keeper

This is my 4th bottle keeper X and I had a standard before that. I also have 3 can keepers and a tumbler. My friends are very jealous that my beer stays cold hours longer than their dumb cookies. Keep up the great work!